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4 Vs. 4 Online Multiplayer

4 vs. 4 players + having to deal with NPC monsters and traps around the mine… Every match of Miner Meltdown is an action packed experience.

Random Maps

Every time you play, the mines are different. You must always explore to try and find the gold, to get the edge on your opponents

100% Destructible Terrain

The entire mine is completely destructible. Carve your own path and watch as the map looks entirely different by the end of the match than the beginning

Fast-paced face-melting action

Miner Meltdown puts an emphasis on fast paced gameplay, so naturally you’ll need some super awesome gadgets to get around with. Whether you’re roping, jetpack’ing, or grappling around the map…it all feels awesome.

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What's Miner Meltdown?

Miner Meltdown is a 2d team-based competitive multiplayer game. You are a miner in an underground mine scouring for gold. The more gold you find = The better weapons you can buy = the more enemy heads you can explode. Oh, and watch out for the traps, monsters, and environmental pitfalls along the way.

So basically...
  • Explore the Mines
  • Find Gold
  • Buy some stuff
  • Blow Up Your Friends